Sunnata LED+ Touch Dimmer (STCL-153MRH)

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Lutron Sunnata LED+ Touch Dimmer, Single-Pole/3-way Multi-Location Dimmer, 120V, 150W LED or 600W Incandescent/Halogen

Includes (1) Sunnata Touch LED+ Dimmer Switch; Gloss finish

No Neutral Required

For multi-locations, use up to 9 Sunnata Accessory Switches (ST-AS) to control from 10 locations; Compatible with standard 3-way mechanical switch

Touch or swipe the white light bar to brighten/dim your lights; lightbar also doubles as a locator light to help find the dimmer switch in the dark

Press and hold Off button for 30 seconds for fade-to-off

MyLevel Personalization gives you the ability to customize your Sunnata Touch LED+ dimmer, adjust the brightness of the light bar, adjust, or disable the locator light, as well as set as favorite light level

Wire-lead connections

Fits large designer-style openings

Pairs perfectly with Lutron Claro wall plates for consistent color matching (sold separately)

Works with up to 150W of dimmable LEDs or up to 600-Watt of incandescent/halogen bulbs; not rated for low voltage applications (i.e. track or landscape lighting)

The Sunnata Touch LED+ dimmer switch with LED+ Technology features a large intuitive paddle to turn lights On/Off and a sleek touch bar to easily dim/brighten your lights. This touch dimmer switch is rated to control lighting loads up to 150W LED or 600W incandescent/halogen. Use with the Sunnata accessory switch (ST-AS) to create a 3-way application or add more accessory switches to control from up to 10 locations in a multi-location application. The Sunnata Touch LED+ Dimmer provides dimming, while the Sunnata Accessory Switch (ST-AS-xx) allows for On/Off switching within the multi-location application; can also be used with an existing 3-way switch. Tap the top of the dimmer switch once for your favorite light level, set through MyLevel Personalization, and twice for full brightness; swipe your finger along the white LED lightbar to dim/brighten the lighting load. The smooth fade on and fade off allows your eyes to adjust comfortably to your determined light level; push and hold the Off button for 30 second delayed fade-to-off. No neutral required. Pairs perfectly with Lutron Claro wall plates for consistent color matching (sold separately).


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